I live in the Florida panhandle or as many people call it, the Emerald Coast.  I attend church at Good News here in Santa Rosa Beach.  I started writing this book about two years ago.  I wanted to write the great American suspense novel.  I prayed about it as I do about most things in life and the idea came to me to make the main character a Christian.  I wanted to show everyone that Christians live in the world and we are just people like everyone else.  We go through troubles in life and we must deal with the same problems that non-Christians go through.  The only difference is that we know whatever we face we have Jesus there to help us. I also felt led to make the main character a woman.  A strong professional Christian woman.  The second main character is an agnostic man.  I thought it would be great to put these two personalities together to fight against enormous odds and work together.  I really think this story is unique because it is a secular suspense story but the main character is a Christian.  The publisher didn't really know which genre to put it in.  I hope everyone enjoys this story and I look forward to hearing from you on my contact page.