About the book


To the Reader

I want to explain the reason I wrote this book. First of all,

I wanted to write a novel that would hold the reader’s

interest and provide an enjoyable book to read. I wanted to

show what a Real Christian is like in this day and age. There

are many stereo-typed views about who and what a Christian

is today. My Christian Faith is the most important thing in

life to me. Next comes my wife Susan who is pictured with

me on the back cover. I have been blessed with 26 years of a

wonderful marriage. Susan and I enjoy teaching bible studies

and leading small groups in our church. This story is about

a single mom who is also a Christian. Samantha is a strong

confident woman who confronts enormous challenges in this

story. Because my main character is a woman I wanted to get

a woman’s point of view about the book and the main character.

You’ll see some of those reviews about this book on the

next page. 

Before I even turned this book into the editor I wanted to

hear the opinions of the women who gave their reviews 

below on this page. These are four professional women who I have

great respect for. I have known them all for years and I trust

them. If they didn’t like Samantha or the story, you might not

be reading this right now. I hope you enjoy this book and I

hope to hear from you in the future.



A Woman’s Point of View

“I really enjoyed it, very easy reading. I think you did a great

job creating the character of Sam. She’s an inspirational, strong

and brilliant woman with an unwavering belief in her core

Christian values. I enjoyed the family dynamic between her, Jen

and Cool Grandpa. I also liked that Ken was an agnostic and

came to respect and enjoy prayer. Being “Not perfect, just forgiven”

– love this!”

Claudine Branchaud-West

Senior Loan officer,

Security National Mortgage

Las Vegas, NV

“It is a great storyline, it is engaging, timely and it kept me guessing.

It is a unique story and that is awesome! I really enjoyed it and I

liked the ending. I was asked to read this as a professional woman,

so I wanted to say how strong Sam was, she was confident and

knew herself, which I think is a quality that professional single

moms have in common. Spot on!”

Shelley Albarado

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Overall, I enjoyed the book. You covered a lot of ground – from politics,

corruption, discrimination and energy to religion. I enjoyed

the plot and you did a great job tying all of the characters and

sub-plots together. The character development was done well. By

the end, I felt I knew the characters and their personalities, and I

was rooting for them!”

Stephanie Carr


New England

“Wow, that was really good and I look forward to the next one.

Very thought provoking read! It was suspenseful, yet it had

some good humor. I even teared up at one point. I liked how you

showed what a Christian was by Sam’s actions instead of quoting

bible verses. You did a really good job.”

Susan Girouard

President of Women’s Ministries, Community Lutheran

church, Las Vegas,

More Reviews

Doug Yonce rated it 5 stars out of 5

A strong, female, Christian protagonist is such a rarity that readers may be wary of being beaten over the head with a message, but Sam is the real deal. Blending in an important message through actions and relationships more than words, Sam deals with a difficult situation extraordinary grace.